F1Factory Menu
F2Research menu
F3Build Menu
F4Unit Design
`Open/close messages at top
Enter Send message to other players
Enter+[number] Send private message to player by number (e.g. "0Hello" will be send to player0)
ALT+HDrop beacon
Note: Messages starting with . will be sent to allies only.
Ctrl+[number]Assign group [number]
[number]Select group [number]
Alt+[number]Select commander [number]
Ctrl+USelect all units
Ctrl+ZSelect all similar units
double-clickSelect all similar units
Ctrl+SSelect all units on screen
Ctrl+DSelect all heavily damaged units
Ctrl+ASelect all attack units (units with weapons)
Ctrl+VSelect all VTOLs
Ctrl+HSelect all hover units
Ctrl+WSelect all wheeled units
Ctrl+FSelect all half-tracked units
Ctrl+TSelect all tracked units
Ctrl+clickQueue order *
NUM0Open orders menu
right-clickOpen orders menu
/Do or Die! (Do not retreat automatically)
.Retreat at Heavy Damage
,Retreat at Medium Damage
FFire at Will
EReturn Fire
CHold Fire
SHold Position
IOptimum Range
ULong Range
RReturn for Repair
Ctrl+RReturn for Recycling

* "Queue order" means that when you Ctrl+click, the unit will do what it would do if you had clicked, but it will do it after it's finished what it's currently doing. You can hold down Ctrl and tell the unit to do a whole bunch of things, and it will do them in order.

Ctrl+=Increase game speed
Ctrl+Decrease game speed
Ctrl+Alt+scroll upIncrease game speed
Ctrl+Alt+scroll downDecrease game speed
NUM.Toggle sound
BCenter view on Command Center
F12View location of previous message
scroll upZoom in
scroll downZoom out
NUM+Zoom in
NUM-Zoom out
BackspaceSnap (rotate) view to North
NUM8Pitch back (rotate up)
NUM2Pitch forward (rotate down)
NUM5Reset pitch (reset vertical rotation)
NUM4Rotate left
NUM6Rotate right
spaceTracking camera (follow selected unit)
ZToggle sensor display
F10Take screenshot
Shift+TabToggle radar colors
Ctrl+TabToggle radar terrain
TabHide/show interface
Hold down CtrlSee Nexus resistance